Shen Zhihua

Committee Member

Shen Zhi Hua was trained and graduated from Shanghai Ballet Academy from 1960 - 1966. She was an accomplished and professional Ballet and Chinese Ethnic dancer at the National Shanghai Ballet Company for 15 years. She performed in major scale dance dramas “White-haired Maiden”, “Swan Lake”, “Giselle”, “Coppelia”, “The Red Amazons”, “Miao Tribe Encounters” etc.

Emigrated to Singapore in 1984, now Singaporean. Instructor and choreographer in National Dance Company, schools and Cultural Arts Troupe.

Currently, Vice-President and choreographer in Tampines Arts Troupe. Previous works includes “Farewell to My Concubine”, “Golden Peacock”, “A Better Tomorrow” etc. Recent works are “Blue and White”, “Rhythm of Spring”, “Song of Birds”, “Slavonic Dance”, “Spanish Fantasy”, “Azalea Waltz”, “Retrospection”, “Garland Dance”, “White Haired Maiden”, “Racial Harmony”etc.