Ruo Han

Principal Dancer

Ruo Han, Principal Dancer

Ruo Han started her Ballet dance journey in  Arts Troupe, under the guidance of Ms Shen Zhi Hua in 2001, obtaining the Royal Academy of Dance Grade 8 certification in 2008. She had joined the Chinese dance performing class of the Tampines Arts Troupe in 2006, and had since been coached by several accomplished choreographers, and performed a diverse range of traditional ethnic dances such as 彝族舞, 藏族舞,傣族舞,东北秧歌,朝鲜舞,维族舞,新疆舞, and 敦煌舞. Later, she had joined the NUS Chinese Dance and NUS Dance Ensemble in 2014, performing in various chinese and contemporary dance pieces by established choreographers.