Ms Lee Shu Fen


Mother of Chinese Dance in Singapore

Veteran Choreographer

Lee Shu Fen & Dancers

Tampines Arts Troupe

Compassionate Dance Educator and Choreographer, dearly known as “Mother of Chinese Dance”. Dedicates a whole life in dance, 20 yrs in Taiwan and 48 yrs in Singapore.

Rooted in Chinese dance in Taiwan and trained in Ballet and Oriental dance in Tokyo Beigu Babaizi Ballet Academy in 1942- 44. For almost 50 yrs, countless schools and cultural troupes of Singapore has been her classroom. Her works were performed for overseas and local Arts Festivals.

Choreographed Dance Drama “Butterfly Lovers”, “Cowherd and the Maiden”, Mdm White Snake”, “Heavenly Match”, “The Mermaid”, “Dream of the Red Chamber”, “Lady General Hua Mu Lan”, “The Storm”, “Dragon Maiden”, “Filial Piety” etc.

Received highest Cultural Award, Public Service Star (BBM 1972) from President Sheares, Singapore. A biography entitled “A Life in Dance” was published by Lee Shu Fen and Dancers Society with the support of National Arts Council in 1995.