President’s Message

From the chairman’s desk

Believing in the philosophy that, the best way to give back to the society is to provide a platform, where performers can turn their dreams into reality and bloom themselves into magnificent trees.The Tampines art troupe aims to bring up the confidence and self esteem through dance and performing art.

With the ever changing times, the art troupe aims to bind the performances with its modern and forward thinking techniques, without losing the value of its origins, thus safe guarding it, but at the same time celebrating the true form, and expressing it, to go with the times forward.                              

Looking ahead, the Tampines art troupe propose to engage the community with a wide variety of performances, irrespective of age, creed, or colour, and take them forward with good spirits.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Preserve and promote Chinese Classical and Ethnic, Ballet and Creative dance.
  2. Promote Vocal Music training for group class and individuals.
  3. Provide platform for exhibition of music and dance.
  4. Organize courses and workshops to enhance performing skills.
  5. We have been an active cultural group in Singapore particularly in Tampines, well known for Chinese dance activities. Almost every year, we stage "Spring In Our Midst" concert series in our Resident Theatre, Tampines Cultural Centre. In 2002, 2006 and 2008, we staged major-scale dance performance "Dance Attraction" at the Victoria Theatre. Our performance is for cultural outreach to the community. Over the years, we have a collection of remarkable and commendable repertoire.


    "Tang Scarf Dance". "Goddess of Mercy", "Lotus Lamp", "Blessings", "Charming Grace", "Silver Flashes", "Youthful Charisma", "Sword Dance" etc

    Ethnic & Folk:

    "Ethnic Spectrum", "Village Maiden", "Apple Harvest", "Yang Ge Bliss", "Yi Tribe Dance", "Thye Tribe Dance", "Qiang Tribe Dance", "Korean Dance", "Xinjiang Dance", "Racial Harmony" etc.


    "White-Hair Maiden", "Little Swans", "Rhythm of Spring", "Retrospection", "Spanish Fantasy", "Xi Hu Romance", "Azalea Waltz", "Slavonic Dance" etc.

    It is our dream to nurture our people in song and dance and to appreciate the finer aspect of life. It is like landscaping arts into a beautiful scenario and make Singapore a better place to live in. As "ten minutes on stage is Ten years of off-stage perseverance", we are confident that with our instructors and administrator's effort, we can really train some interested members wo can eventually give rise to a healthy cultural blossom.